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Luxury Shave Course – “London School of Barbering”


Monday 3rd July

So where do I start!!  As you probably know one of my favourite film’s is Sweeney Todd and classic barbering has always fascinated me. Coming from a hairdressing background (if you didn’t know my mum was my hairdressing hero), old school barbering has always really interested me as I wasn’t allowed within 6 feet of a barbers, and cutting hair with razors is something I really enjoy doing. So, this year I promised myself I would learn 2 things: 1st wet cut shaving and 2nd women’s hair up. I did my research and booked myself on a course in London at the “London school of barbering” to learn wet shaving.

Monday came around quick and I was on my way to learn to shave people properly and the old fashioned British way, with a cut throat.

The morning consisted of Amir (our trainer) showing the three of us how to perform a luxury shave on one of his clients, this consisted of:

– First a facial massage with a scrub
– Next a hot towel
– The first shave
– Second hot towel
– Second shave
– Freezing cold towel
– And final moisturizing balm

Sounds simple and Amir made it look super simple, but the little matter of the razor on someone’s face was a little bit scary.

After the demo, I got introduced to a water filled balloon to practice the technique for the next couple hours. Luckily for me and my shoes the balloon stayed intact, which also means no cuts to anyone’s face. Happy days!

The afternoon was first client time to preform my first full luxury shave, on a real human. My client Simon was an absolute star and the shave went well. Maybe a bit long (1hour 50mins) for an hour service, but no cuts and Simon had survived. A big test was next to show I knew my onion’s, test completed and passed, I was Buzzing and ready for day 2 and the possibility of 3 more shaves.


Tuesday 4th July

Bright and early I got myself back the academy ready to look after the clients and complete the course.

Next client was a lovely guy call Andre and the shave although slow was completed with maximum effort. The next 2 shaves seemed to pass in a second, even though they still took well over the 1 hour. But the technique was there and the timing will come. Happy with my day’s work it was time to sit down with Amir and find out his views on me and my razor work.

Lucky for me Amir was impressed enough to give me a nice little Distinction for my efforts and all I can say thanks to his guidance and training I got this award. So, I owe him a big thank you and to the rest of the guys at the “London school of barbering” thank you, you made me feel more than at home in your salon which help to get the course completed.

Well, all I can say is Luxury wet shaves and express shaves coming soon to Maverick!!!

Watch this space,
Rich x


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