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Olaplex Training at Maverick Hair Studio

Today we have closed the salon for some Olaplex training. We’re here to find out the history behind Olaplex and the uses for it in our colour service and I salon treatments.

Barbara has come in today to teach us about Olaplex and how to use and get the best out of Olaplex.

History and science of Olaplex

Olaplex came about from two stem cell researchers talking to a hairdresser on a flight. The scientists asked the hairdresser what they could make to help him at work with clients. He replied “if I could colour hair and it not be damaged the hair that would be amazing”. The scientists went away, back to the lab and within 3 hours they had made Olaplex. Olaplex repairs the hair from the inside out, repairing the disulphide bonds and bridging the gaps cause by the break down from colour. Making the hair stronger. They released Olaplex to the salons round them and the hairdressers loved it and so did the clients.

Why we have it now

At Maverick we’ve been always about hair care and not over processing hair. Olaplex helps us strip the old colour out and rebuild the hair whilst doing this. It means the hair will be in a better shape then just bleaching and stripping hair out and overprocessing. It also help to make sure the hair colour is even and looks amazing.

Colouring with Olaplex

When colouring your hair we will add olapex to the colour to make sure the hair stays and becomes a better and stronger strained of hair. Especially for dramatic colour changes and for our lighting colouring services.

In salon treatments

If your hair has been over-processed or has been seriously heat damaged or sun damaged Olaplex is great to rebuild the hair and make it stronger. This service can be done when we are cutting your hair and only adds an extra 15/20 mins to your appointment.

To concluded Olaplex is a treatment we needed in the salon as this treatment is prefect to help us with all the hair care we need to make sure our clients get the best possible hair care we can provide.

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